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Dec. 16, 2015 // EVENT.

12.12.2015 R2-D2™ ANA JET Inaugural Flight Event @Sydney Airport

STAR WARS event held in commemoration of a new route.

December 11 marked the start of a new route between Haneda International Airport and Sydney Airport. This service to Australia is the first time in 16 years. In commemoration, the R2-D2 ANA JET was used for the first flight to Sydney Airport, and a celebratory STAR WARS event was held.

The R2-D2 ANA JET would depart Haneda International Airport at 22:10, and arrive at Sydney Airport at 9:35 on the next day.
65 guests and media affiliates witnessed its landing amidst a water salute.

Photo session with a giant boarding pass in front of the R2-D2 ANA JET


At the Gift Exchange Ceremony of the event, ANA presented Sydney Airport with a 1/100 scale model of the R2-D2 ANA JET. From there, a festive mood filled the venue as kagami-biraki (breaking a the lid of a wooden barrel of sake for blessings and celebrations), a photo session, and a koto performance ensued.

After the cake cutting, guests enjoyed cake and drinks.

The cabin crew greeted guests in front of the R2-D2 ANA JET with Yoda dolls and Darth Vader candy baskets.
Inside the cabin, along with the STAR WARS theme song, LED lights switching between blue and red represented the dark side and the light side of the Force.

At the seats, for you a plush doll of Yoda waits.


This event, held just before the release of the newest movie, made the guests and the media thoroughly ecstatic!




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