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Apr. 14, 2017 // EVENT.

ANA has a booth at Orlando STAR WARS CELEBRATION for the third year in a row!

The STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2017 opened in Orlando on April 13. One of the biggest STAR WARS event of the year, it attracted fans from all over the world. The venue was filled with excitement.

ANA has had a booth at STAR WARS CELEBRATION for three consecutive years, since 2015. This year, our booth is huge, at 100 x 50 ft., with a wall showing a life-size R2-D2 ANA JET (100 x 25 ft.). Fans were excited and happy to see the dynamic visual of one of their favorite jets.

There was a photo session in which people were able to take pictures with the official camera with the huge R2-D2 ANA JET in the background. Everyone had a great time.
(Pictures can be downloaded with an original design frame.)

The booth also featured a huge model plane of the C-3PO ANA JET that recently began service on March 21. Including the BB-8 ANA JET, all three dream jets appeared at the site, drawing big crowds.

In addition, there was a raffle event to win a model plane with the autograph of Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) or an erasable ballpoint pen (FRIXION BALL) with the R2-D2 ANA JET design. Many people lined up with raffle tickets.


The opening day was a great success!


On the second day of the STAR WARS CELEBRATION, we had the honor to welcome Mr. Anthony Daniels come see his plane!




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